Stand Up For the Right Things

When a bad decree was issued against the Jews in the days of King Ahasuerus, the Jews including Mordecai went into great mourning. It was a great moment of distress when a whole remnant of Israel was bound to be destroyed under the most powerful empire in the world.

Queen Esther (a Jew and a wife of King Ahasuerus) having heard of this sent royal garments to Mordecai (her uncle) to clothe himself and stop crying.

Palliative measure was her first response – not finding out what happened. She wanted to deal with the symptoms rather than the cause…click the heading to continue reading

My God and My King!

O Lord, My GOD, hide me in Your Pavilion. Be My Shield and Buckler. Let Your Wings spread over my life and exalt me above the mountains. Make my head to be exalted like that of the unicorn.

Show that you are My God! My Hope. My Refuge. My Shield. I am Yours Oh Lord, My God and My King.

The Word of The Lord!

The mighty God thunders with His voice like many waters. I hear the the LORD saying, “You shall be healed this month.” The ONE who sits on the mighty horse said, “The doors shall be opened today. I have come to give gifts to my people; I have come to reward my servants; those that serve me and those that worship me. I have come in the power of my might to release men into that which I have called them. Arise and behold my glory. Arise and behold my healing arm. My power is coming down like never before. My new watch. My new season. Arise the mighty east winds. Blow upon the earth.”
“Get ready!” I heard the Spirit of God saying. “Get ready for the journey is here. Get ready for my new day. Get ready for my work. Get ready for that which I have been speaking to your heart for ages. Get up and do that which I have commanded you. Get up and do my eternal will. The days are shortened. The years are close by. My days are here like the days of Elijah. In the strength of My Power, My People shall advance My Kingdom.” Click the heading to continue reading

He’s All We’ve Got

Lord Jesus you are all in all. There is none like you the loving God. You are Our All in All. There is none like you Jehovah God. The Lord of the Universe. The One who created numerous stars and galaxies. The One who spoke and brings to pass. The One who dwells in eternal glory; who clothes Himself in fire. The Mighty One. The Only Living GOD.

Who can compare to You, Eternal GOD? Who do we have but You? Who does wondrous things, but YOU! We love You OUR GOD! We love You, OUR ROCK. We love You, OUR SALVATION. Click the heading to read more

He Will Accept You

No matter where you have been or what you have done, the Lord Jesus is beckoning that you come back to Him. No matter how gruesome the sins are; no matter how bad you think you are; no matter how deep you believe you are far into the evil world; no matter how harsh you think the life is to you; The LORD JESUS will accept you!

He says, “Come unto me!” Come unto Jesus today, come unto the One who is able to save your life; come unto Him that is able to save your soul; Come unto Him who is able to deliver you from the shackles of death; Come to Jesus who is able to deliver you from the pangs of death. Click the heading to read more

Are You Taking God’s Glory?

Do you feel offended when they do not call you in a special way or make obeisance in a particular way?

Do you cringe and ignore them when they do not call you by the title of your calling? Do you feel insulted when they mistakenly call you brother so-and-so or sister so-and-so? Let’s check our hearts.

When we start cringing at the non-commissioned titles that new converts or non-ordained brother or sister or that fellow call us, we need to check our heart. Pride is subtle and is the only trigger that makes Jehovah God to resist us. Click the heading to continue reading

Tell Me, What Is “IJN” In Your Prayer?

I woke up this morning to a Whatsapp message from a cousin getting married tomorrow in a far away land. I’m happy for her.

As we started chatting, I reckoned there were some prayers bubbling in my heart for her. So I started releasing them and at the end of the prayers I wrote In Jesus Name!

Then and then my flash point began. In Jesus Name! Why didn’t I end it with IJN? I quickly tweeted on my TL – “When ur prayers are not answered don’t blame God o, because He doesn’t know who’s IJN at d end of your prayers. You are on your own! Kontinu”…Click the heading to continue reading